Germinator Glass Bead Sterilizer


Germinator 500, Dry sterilize surgical instruments in seconds. NIH guidelines recommend sterilizing instruments for small animal surgery. Hot glass bead sterilizers are ideal for this application. Air above unit is cool enough to insert an instrument into well without discomfort. Insert surgical instrument into well, sterilization of inserted parts by dry heat (250°C) takes 2-5 seconds. Handles of instruments, outside heat, do not get hot. Metal in beads is heated only on the surface, not to the depth, so cooling is quick after removal. Within 30 seconds, surgical instruments are cool enough to use. Specifications: Warm up time: 20 minutes, Working temp: 250°C (approximately 500°F), Sterilization time: 2-5 seconds, Well size: 20cm deep x 5cm diameter. Beads eventually, after extensive use, wear to powder. Replace when it becomes difficult to push instruments in deep enough.