Autoclavable Covers

What are YOU doing to ensure that your equipment stays clean after it's been autoclaved? Ancare's Autoclavable Covers are made of autoclavable fabric, and are designed to provide effective protection for your cages, bottles, and other equipment!
Polyester Fabric

Did you know that cotton and nylon drapes can leave the autoclave wet, allowing contaminants to wick into the enclosure.

Ancare's Autoclavable Covers are made from Cleanroom Standard Woven Polyester.
This non-linting fabric is completely hydrophobic. It can't absorb water, so wicking is not a problem!

Brass Zippers

Heavy duty brass zippers ensure longevity and smooth operation. Autoclavable and able to withstand the harsh environment of an animal facility, brass zippers are typically your best bet.

Velcro, drawstrings and ties are also available as per your preference.
Stock and Custom Sizes

Stock sizes are available by the unit, light blue.

24" x 60" x 62"H - 2 side zippers for Ancare's standard bulk truck.
20" x 15" x 14"H - Full bag with top zipper for Ancare's Bottle Baskets.

Custom sizes? No problem. Just send us the dimensions (length, width and height to the top of casters of the item to be covered - We'll build in the slack!) Covers can be bag, pillow-case or toaster-cover style, or just about anything you need! Low minimum quantities may apply.

Just contact your Ancare Representative or Ancare directly for any help.